Technology and Alex Hern

Alex Hern is an important person in the world of business. He is the Co-founder, Co-CEO, and the CO-Chairperson of the Tsunami VR Company. This is not the only company that Alex Hern has founded. He also founded and serves as the Chief Executive Chair of the Military Commercial Technologies company known as Milcom. In addition to his Alex Hern is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley Internet Capital. Technology and the internet have made Alex Hern very successful and his companies are making technology easier to access for many people. Learn more about Alex at

While Alex Hern is enjoying success, he had to work hard to earn these top positions. Alex Hern is an entrepreneur that focused in the early startups of technology companies and what he felt was going to be successful. He made from good choices along the way which helped him reach the higher positions. He was involved with several startups including the Brainbuzz company, AlterEgo Networks, and Mobile Airways. He was one of the founders of the and served on this board for several months until it was sold out for a large profit. Follow Alex Hern on

That is not all that Alex Hern has been involved in. He was a founding Board Member for the Inktomi Company and was also the Director of Radialpoint which was once known as the Zero knowledge System Inc. Alex Hern has an eye for new technology companies. He uses his information about the technology market and what people are looking for to find startup companies that he feels are going to be successful. He then puts this knowledge of the market in the company and enjoys more technology success. Alex Hern worked hard to get to these positions and he is one of the most well respected people in Silicon Valley.


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