Victoria Doramus Creative and Giving

Victoria Doramus has developed and continues to used her communication and journalism skills throughout her professional life in the public and private sector to serve the marketing needs of numerous business entities in a variety of ways. She received her BA in journalism and mass communications from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Shortly after graduation, she began work with Mindshare as a media planner. Specifically, her role was to work with a team to create multimedia and print advertising. This gave her practical experience in developing an advertising strategy and campaign along with the ad itself.

Victoria Doramus further developed her marketing expertise as a consultant in her position with Creative Cosmetics. Following this position, she gained experience working with international clientele by her position at a creative arts agency. From 2009 through 2015, Victoria Doramus contributed freelance publications to The Huffington Post, Decades and A Century of Fashion.

Her work experience up to this point provided her expertise in budgeting, recruiting, networking, marketing analysis, research, and spotting trends in the sectors where she worked. In 2016, she turned her focus toward charitable causes that include:

Room To Read, an international organization working with children in low income families;

Women’s Prison Association, serving women facing possible incarceration;

The Friends of Animals Society, concerned with animal rescue in shelters;

The Amy Winehouse Foundation, a drug and alcohol abuse and prevention organization.

Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) has the communications experience, expertise and personal interest that well qualify her for her current specialized marketing position.

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