Bernardo Chua: Improving People’s Health With Ganoderma-Infused Organo Gold Products

Philippines native Bernardo Chua is on a mission to teach people around the world about the health and nutritional benefits offer by the ganoderma mushroom. He has been doing so for two decades, first through the direct sales company Gano Excel and now using his own company Organo Gold. Chua has found direct sales to be the most effective way to teach people about all the ways ganoderma can improve their health and well-being. His marketing team takes the time to explain to people all the ways Organo Gold ganoderma infused products can benefit their bodies inside and out.

Chua knew little about direct selling when he was hired by Gano Excel in the Philippines. But his passion for giving people access to information about and products containing ganoderma was obvious to his customers. Soon he was a top Gano Excel marketing representative and able to attract customers in Hong Kong and as far away as Canada and the United States. Seeing an opportunity to teach people in the West about the benefits of using ganoderma infused products, Bernardo Chua moved to the United States, became president of Gano Excel USA and was a huge success. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua took his mission to teach people about the health benefits of the ganoderma mushroom to another level. He leftGano Excel, founded Organo Gold and created a marketing team of over 800,000 independent representatives to promote the ganoderma infused coffees, teas and other products he created. Chua worked with top farmers to ensure he could get the best ganoderma mushrooms, invested a great deal of money in educating his customers and went on to build one of the fastest growing companies the direct sales industry had ever seen.

Bernardo Chua’s products and company have won numerous awards in markets worldwide. In the Philippines, Chua’s companies have won ‘Company of the Year’ five times and Chua was given the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award for bringing honor to his country and being an inspiration to his countrymen through his excellence in international business. Chua also won the ‘Outstanding Global Entrepreneur’ award.

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