Victoria Doramus- Successful Analyst Turns To Philanthropy

Anyone who knows Victoria Doramus is aware that she has been through so much and found a way to overcome many challenges. For those that take the time to ask her about what she does for a career, she may just tell you about the many things she has accomplished.

Victoria Doramus is an experienced and very successful marketing trend analyst. She has a unique understanding for consumer retail trends and the global market. She also has a long history working in the media industry and has completed creative work with companies such as Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, Trendera and Creative Arts Agency. She has also spent time working with Peter Borg, a producer and film director.

While you may think these experiences would have been complete with parties and fun, she has a much different story to tell. Victoria Doramus will admit that she has a long history of alcohol and drug addiction problems. Thankfully, she worked hard and overcame these struggles after finally hitting rock bottom.

Recovery Expert

Victoria Doramus now adds recovery expert to her repertoire. She helps others going through the same addiction struggles and uses her own experiences as part of the process. Victoria believes that in the end addictions are not the main problem. She feels the biggest problem is how addicts are not able to handle the issues themselves.

Even though she was becoming successful in her career, she was falling deeper and harder into her addictions. She was 26 when she finally decided to get help and entered rehab for the first time. During that time, she had no knowledge of her addiction and what was causing it. All she really knew was that her addictions were starting to become impossible to manage and was ruining her life.

She spent 45 days at a rehab facility and learned a lot about her disease. They gave her the tools she needed to work towards overcoming her addictions. What she didn’t fully understand until much later, however, was that her addiction and overcoming it was going to be a lifelong process. She had the addiction come back in full swing many times over the years until she was finally able to overcome it.

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