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All About Ryan Seacrest

American Idol series is returning in television starting in 2018 spring at ABC. It will be its first season. The host of this iconic music competition will be Ryan Seacrest. He is a creative entrepreneur who has held dominant positions … Continue reading

The Chainsmokers Continue Their Streak of Music Making Success

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall started the Chainsmokers which is one of the most popular music acts today. They were established in 2012 but came to prominence in 2014 with their hit song Selfie. However, the Chainsmokers came to prominence … Continue reading

How The Chainsmokers Plan to Beat the Competition: An Interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

Music is capable of touching people in extraordinary ways, and even though different styles of music connect with certain people better, it’s still easy to see when individuals or groups put in the effort to make truly profound music. The … Continue reading