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Which Songs To Play To Bring In 2015

With the year 2015 being only hours away, it’s time to pick the song that you’ll start your new year off with. 2015 Song. Many people have had a rough 2014, and some have had a great 2014. No matter … Continue reading

Nick Cannon reveals he will not make a Mariah Carey Diss track

  The announcement of a new Nick Cannon album has caused certain individuals to do some speculation. Some people are assuming that Cannon will use his album to diss Mariah Carey but Cannon quickly shut down those rumors and assumptions. He stated “I will … Continue reading

The Return of Fergie

It has been a long time since the world has seen Fergie. The Black Eye Peas superstar had a very successful solo debut, but she quickly followed this with a marriage. It appears that Fergie took some time off to … Continue reading

Datsik’s Remix of Destroid’s “Annihilate”

I was browsing around online, looking for new remixes, and I came across this awesome remix. Destroid’s “Annihilate” as imagined by Datsik. Great piece of work here, and you can listen below. Love when you’re just browsing around, I’m on … Continue reading