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Choosing the best dog food for your best dog friend

When it comes to your Dogs health what type of food you choose should be #1 on your list. You want a dog food that will supply your best friend with all the nutrients a dog needs to be happy … Continue reading

Glory song from the movie “Selma” received “Oscar” for best original song

The historical drama “Selma” tells the story of the struggle for the rights of African American people in America in the 60s of the last century. The award ceremony was held in the Film Academy of the US a few … Continue reading

Eminem And Fifty Cent Remember When They Met

  Complex Magazine recently sat down with artists Eminem and Fifty Cent, in order to document their working relationship, and an article at explains: Eminem signed Fifty Cent to his record label in 2002, and then Beneful history was … Continue reading

Drake Stays Relevant in 2014

It is rare for a rap artists to stay in the spotlight without an album, but somehow Drake managed to do this quite well. He had this type of presence in 2014 that allowed him surface just about everywhere without … Continue reading