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Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes Said The Zika Virus Outbreak Is A International Public Health Emergency

The Zika virus is moving faster than a speeding bullet. The World Health Organization thinks more than 4 million people will be infected by the virus in 2016. If Brazil is any indication, that estimate is low. More than a … Continue reading

Interesting Comments From Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes

There are few celebrities as well loved as the late Michael Jackson. The legend of this great pop star lives on in the mementos he left behind. In a recent discussion with one of the most well-known Michael Jackson impersonators … Continue reading

Sergio Cortes Has Won The Hearts Of Many Michael Jackson Fans

There are very few celebrity impersonators that really capture the essence of the entertainer. Sergio Cortez started impersonating Michael Jackson when MJ was still with the original Jackson 5. When Sergio was just a child, his mother told him how … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview With King Of Pop Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Take one look at Sergio Cortes and you will instantly recognize the way he dress, he way he talks, the way he walks, and the way he interacts with fans. If you didn’t know any better, you would think you … Continue reading

Sergio Cortes Can Impersonate Michael Jackson

Many celebrities get impersonated in today’s world. It became a big business when Elvis Presley died in 1977. From that point, the demand for Elvis impersonators skyrocketed. Since people could never see the real Elvis perform again, they were willing … Continue reading