Chris Burch Gives Technology And Fashion A Different View

The business world is very competitive. When companies are in the same industries and compete on a regular basis for market share and customers, there will generally be a high level of competition. This competition can show itself in a variety of ways, one of the ways that it often comes through is with the development of new products and services. An industry where competition is very high and fuels the industry is the fashion industry. There are many things that go on in the fashion industry that make the industry highly competitive and popular. One of the main things is new ideas.


In the fashion industry, new ideas are welcomed and applauded by the public. People like to see new and exciting fashion. This is done on a regular basis. Fashion companies come up with new ideas that are introduced to the public. These new ideas do not always produce successful fashion designs. However, there are always some fashion designs that go on to become hugely successful after being introduced in the fashion industry.


Another industry that has taken a firm hand in the business world is the technology industry. Many innovations have come from the technology industry over the past few decades. These innovations have changed the way millions of people go about their daily lives. Many of the innovations were new ideas that came from the technology industry and became very popular in the public.


The fashion industry as one that comes up with new ideas has started using technology in some of its fashion designs. A different approach to fashion that provides a different fashion look, the use of technology in fashion designs has been a look that generates interesting responses, which is the aim of fashion companies. New and fresh is something that both the technology and fashion industries look to create.


Chris Burch is a business professional who has made a name for himself through his fresh business ideas and innovations. Chris Burch has started successful companies in both the technology and fashion industries. He has been able to do what few business people have ever been able to do in the business world, which is to run successful companies in various industries. Every business industry has its own unique aspects that make it hard for business people to be able to run successful companies in multiple industries.


Chris Burch has a special ability to recognize the aspects of industries that make it possible to start and run successful companies. Chris Burch has an understanding of the business world that gives him a perspective that crosses industry lines.


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Get to Know about Life Line Screening in 3 Minutes!

Life line Screening is the number one provider of community-based preventive health screenings. Many of the screenings Life Line Screening offers will help you identify risks such as heart problems. Many conditions can be prevented if risks are identified earlier. These screenings will help you know the type of the doctor to see and save you cash that you may spend in consultation fees.

Most of the screenings at the clinic are affordable, painless, comfortable, and convenient. The highly trained and experienced specialists use up to date testing equipment to get accurate lab results. They do not need extra preparation meaning you get you results as fast as possible.

3 Types of Preventive Health Screenings at Life Line Screening

  1. Ultrasound screenings

This technique uses sound waves to image structures in a patient’s body. During the testing, the specialist sends high-frequency sound waves to the affected body part being, and the returned echoes are recorded. This technique dates back to the days of World War 2. It is non-evasive and painless. The clinic utilizes up to date Doppler ultrasound technology that you can trust to give accurate results and decent images.

  1. Finger-stick blood screenings

Life Line Screening offers such screenings in various locations to determine significant risk factors for diabetes and heart diseases. The specialist pricks the soft pad of the finger to get a few drops of blood for the screening. The equipment used for this is up to date and has been approved by the FDA. You will get your results in less than ten minutes.

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  1. Limited electrocardiograph

This is used to detect a common heart condition known as atrial fibrillation. A patient experiences irregular heartbeats that increase the chances of suffering a stroke. They do this screening by conducting an EDK, which is fast, painless, and non-evasive.

In conclusion, Life Line Screening is essential for your overall health. Some conditions are better when discovered for early treatment before they get worse.

Click here to learn more about Life Line Screening.


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How AXA Group Advisors like Vincent Parascandola Assist with Retirement Planning

For close to two decades now, Vincent Parascandola has advised investors on how to create balanced portfolios. Vincent is one of the lead financial consultants over at AXA Advisors, LLC. The investment firm, AXA, is reputed to have more than 5,300 agents across the nation. AXA, as a company, has a rich history of not only delivering on the expectations of their clients but often surpassing these.

About AXA

The company’s founder, Henry Hyde left his job at Mutual Life Insurance to start his own venture in 1859. A decade later the firm had already set up its headquarters at the then World’s tallest building in NY. History shows that in 1881, the enterprise hired Miss Ray Wilner to become the first female agency manager. Back then the firm was known as Equitable Market. 1992 will forever remain to be a historic year for Equitable Markets. That is the year when the company received more than $1 B from the AXA group and the two firms merged to form what we now know as the Global AXA Group. 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of the company. The outlet has been declared as the number one insurance brand in the US and the World by the latest annual report by Interbrand.

Why Choose the AXA Group

Partnering up with the advisors over at AXA like Vincent Parascandola is the best financial move one could make. As a client, you stand to gain from their sharp insights on how to budget for a prosperous future. Many people have experienced difficulties upon retiring. The latter are shell-shocked to realize that they did not put up safety nets to cushion their golden years. Avoid being a casualty of your poor saving decisions by visiting their official site and learning more about how you can get started.

About Vincent

Vincent is a highly revered financial consultant in New Jersey. He is involved in recruitment and training of business leaders and entrepreneurs alike. Under his stewardship, the sales and overall productivity of AXA have peaked. Today, the investment banker has branches in Woodbridge, Morristown, and Manasquan. He’s worked at AXA for over two years now. Previously, Vincent used to serve as the Chief Sales Officer and President of the AXA Group Continental Division. The strategist gave his Key Note commencement speech at the Pace University in May 2014.


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Can Desire Perez Save The Music Industry?

Making A Splash In Music

Tidal started out as the brainchild of Jay Z. He wanted to make a splash in the music industry and save it from dwindling sales. There are plenty of people out there who have had also aimed to do so and we can see that in the streaming services available. There are still many problems to worry about despite this. Many streaming services simply don’t offer artists enough revenue and the quality of the music they offer is generally sub par.


What This Means For Artists

Tidal is giving artists something they wouldn’t otherwise have and it’s giving fans something they otherwise wouldn’t have. Specifically, Tidal is designed around giving artists a bigger slice of the cake that they helped create. Fans are also getting something they otherwise wouldn’t have if not for Tidal. The music presented to them is always of the highest quality imaginable. You never get anything less than the original format. That isn’t something you can get out of Spotify or other streaming services. It’s something that Tidal does really well and other brands try to emulate.  Read more on


Can She Pull It Off?

Desiree Perez has certainly set huge expectations for Tidal. The streaming market is already saturated, but she still sees hope for taking over and making a name for herself. Tidal is currently enjoyed by millions of people and there are artists who have chosen to use Tidal as a way of releasing their singles before they are heard anyone were else. This gives hope for the future of the brand. If enough people end up liking what Tidal offers she will have given us something completely out of bounds. There’s hope for the future and it starts with what Tidal is giving to everyone.  Check this out.

Be sure to click

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End Citizens United Has Plans To Overturn Campaign Finance

When the Supreme Court made their decision in 2010’s Citizens United v. F.E.C., the landscape of the country’s elections were forever changed. The decision gave further grounds for an idea that corporations can be like people and allowed for special interests and billionaires to spend an untraceable, unlimited amount in the elections. Now with no accountability, billionaires like the Koch Brothers and other corporations are able to tips the political scales in their favor.



End Citizens United was founded in 2015 as a Political Action Committee (PAC) that is mainly funded by their grassroots donors. The PAC was created with the goal of counteracting the effects of the 2010 Supreme Court decision and reforming the current campaign finance system. End Citizens United plans to show candidates, voters, the press, and elected officials that the grassroots of this country will fight back against billionaires and corporations that are trying to buy America’s election. This PAC plans to work towards campaign finance reform and pressure current lawmakers to take the action necessary.



In order to combat the big money used in politics, End Citizens United plans on dismantling the current political system by helping campaign finance reform champions get elected. Their hope is to pass ballot measures on both the state and national levels. These champions of End Citizens United will work towards ending the unlimited money that is funneled into politics. The organization has three main methods on working towards their mission: raising the issues of money in politics, using their grassroots membership to demonstrate their political power, and electing candidates that are pro-reform.



End Citizens United supports mostly Democrats that favor the reform of our campaign finance system and have plans on passionately fighting to overturn the 2010 Citizens United v. F.E.C. decision. While there are many Republicans and Independents who agree that our finance system needs reform, the Republican leadership in the country seems to be standing directly in the way of overturning the disastrous decision.



Only a month after its launch, End Citizens United raised more than $2 million from their small grassroots donors. With plans to reach $30 million in support, the PAC plans to work towards its ultimate goal of passing a constitutional amendment that would reverse the Supreme Court’s decision. In that short amount of time, more than 300,000 people signed the PAC’s petition to demand the upheaval of the Supreme Court decision.



The numbers of supporters of End Citizens United will only rise, as they have partnered with Ready for Hillary. This partnership has given End Citizens United access to their email list, an opportunity to reach out to 4 million possible liberal supporters. End Citizens United even began showing their support for 11 different Democratic candidates, like Colorado Senator Michael Bennet and Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold.


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Best Hood Movies From Cities Across America


Hood movies are a window into places in America that are infested the crime, drug abuse, poverty, and prejudice. We get to see a side of life that most of us will never experience but still they seem to spark our curiosity. Take a short tour of these areas in America by watching three of the best hood movies that take place in cities spanning the length of North America.


Paid In Full (2002) Location: Harlem, New York (1980s)

1 hour 33 minutes


Ace is a young man living in Harlem, New York during a time when crack cocaine is becoming a serious problem for the community. His simple life as an employee at a local dry cleaner changes forever when he finds drugs in the coat pocket of a Dominican drug dealer named Lulu. They begin a relationship that will change his own, his friends, and in fact all of Harlem forever.  If you’re a fan of the genre, it’s arguably one of the best movies of all time.


Menace II Society (1993) Location: Los Angeles, California (1990s)

1 hour 37 minutes


Definitely one of the best black movies, spend seven days with a young man named Caine who lives in the South Central section of Los Angeles, California. Though he has never been a gangster and isn’t a violent person, his friends and their environment eventually create a circumstance where the temptation to become a gangster become impossible to avoid. The film paints a gritty portrait of how quickly life in the hood can go from bad to worse.


8 Mile (2002) Location: Detroit, Michigan (1995)

1 hour 58 minutes

This film tells the story of a young up and coming white rapper named Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. who lives in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan. The challenges he faces within his own life are multiplied by the issues surrounding the politics and prejudices that come with trying to establish a career in a genre of music and environment that are viewed as a part of African American culture. His passion for the music and his determination to succeed cause him to constantly find himself facing adversity from friends and foes alike.

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Choosing A Renowned PPC Management Agency

White Shark Media is one of the most reputable and reliable PPC management agencies that offer advertising solutions. Their experienced team of paid search consultants is familiar with every aspect of boosting performance on Bing Ads and Google AdWords platforms.


Many businesses have learned the hard way that highly effective PPC requires a smart national or local method and flawless execution.


If you are wondering why Pay Per Click is not being profitable for you, consult with pay per click professionals at White Shark Media to know why they are the best PPC management enterprise to boost your lead generation and profits.


While many other business render commodity based, solutions, and honestly making it difficult for clients to prosper, White Shark Media makes it a priority to learn more about each client and what the client needs, establish an effective strategy and guide the client to success.

White Shark Media addresses complaints promptly and appropriately and makes sure that the client is really satisfied with the resolution. The company’s attention to detail and passion for outstanding results directly translates into the PPC advertising programs they implement. Once they receive a customer complaint, they take action immediately.


The staff at White Shark Media replies to letters, phone calls, blog posts and emails, promptly, no matter how outrageous it is. The company has a track record of taking appropriate steps to ensure that the client achieves the desired result with their digital or PPC advertising campaign.


White Shark Media’s professionals value their clients and they make sure that everything is well implemented to guide the client in arriving at their goal and to attain a long-term business success. White Shark Media comes highly recommended in the advertising arena due to their top quality services and reasonable price.


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The Views Of Samuel Strauch On Real Estate

There are a number of foreign investors who are expected to increase their capital by real estate investment in the United States. As per a survey conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in the real estate sector, there were nearly 64% respondents who intended to increase their investments in the real estate sector in US during 2016. 31% of the respondents wanted to maintain their properties or they wanted to sell and then invest its proceeds in some other assets of the United States. There was not a single respondent who was planning any significant decline.



Samuel Strauch states that areas such as Miami Beach have managed to triple their price per square meter during the last 5 years. Today the average price per square meter in such areas is around USD $ 7,000. There have been developments in infrastructure in this area. It is being positioned as a place of rest, and as a business center. This has motivated investments that are originating from Latin America. Samuel Strauch is the Director General as well as Founder of the real estate consulting firm Metrik Real Estate.



The real estate purchases have increased by $ 87.3 million in the US. The USA is being ranked in 2016 as a country with the best opportunities for price appreciation.


Visit this important link.


Mexicans are facing global economic uncertainty. Hence they are looking at other ways for capitalizing on their investments and for protecting their assets. This is why many Mexicans see Miami and New York as an option for investing in real estate. A number of challenges, besides integration options as well as development of new business models are faced by Mexicans when investing in the US. They are seeking new real estate in the neighboring country. They prefer areas with high population growth as well as investment. They are looking for housing as well as commercial properties in these real estate sectors.   Read more, hit



Samuel Strauch believes that Mexicans wish to diversify their investment assets with real estate as they wish to maintain a diversified investment portfolio. Samuel Strauch also stated that by 2015, foreigners have invested nearly $ 6.1 billion in real estate in Miami.


To learn more about Strauch, be sure to click this link.



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Chris Burch Knows How To Mix Fashion With Technology.

From the time of their inception, the field of technology and the field of fashion have experienced many alterations. Both of these have advanced alongside one another. In the decade of the 1970’s, there was the creation of a bulky (by modern standards) electronic device for playing music, and it was referred to by its more common name as a “boom box.” This fantastic device allowed consumers to have a portable means of making their music easy to play and also portable, whether used inside of their home or while walking in their neighborhood. As time moved on, the following decade of the 1980’s found the invention featured in numerous televised broadcasts, and also in movies, as a method of marketing the device to the community at large. During the next decade of the 1990’s, the technology had progressed to where the device could be produced small enough to be easily attached to a person’s waist. Only one decade after this, the technology had become even smaller, to where it could easily be placed into a person’s closed hand. A great many people believe that this advancement in portability was directly related to the influence of fashion.


Consumers in today’s world can discover that fashion is being married to that of technology in a great many forms. In fact, quite a few fashion designers have gone so far as to produce clothing that is designed to protect the wearer and remain fashionable at the same time. A good example of this is an integrated airbag construction that is placed around the consumer’s neck. This type of airbag can then be effortlessly deployed for a person riding their bicycle, should they have an accident and fall, preventing their neck from being damaged in the process.


Inventions that are fashion and technologically blended are the bread and butter of CEO and creator of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch. He is an investor of a large quantity of projects that use fashion and technology together. Mr. Chris Burch is often thought of as a “power brander,” because he adeptly applies his knowledge of marketing and selling to expand a wide variety of technologically fashionable clothing.


His accomplishments initiated in the 1970’s when he was attending Ithaca College. He established Eagle’s Eye clothing with roughly a $2,000 investment, swiftly expanding to a $165 million venture.


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20 Life Hacks and DIYs That are Geared Toward Motivation and Fitness


Feeling unmotivated and are too lazy to do anything about it? Wengie has come up with 20 Life Hacks and DIYs that will help you out. Here are some of those Life Hacks and DIYs:



  • Using an Exercise Mat While Watching Netflix-For this one, just set out an exercise mat while watching Netflix and tell yourself to do some exercises while watching, yoga or simple stretching will work.
  • Listening to Audio Books or Songs While Running- If you listen to audio books or songs while running you will increase chances of running further because of the distraction.
  • Incorporate Exercise into Daily Routine- Try doing things like taking the stairs instead of going on an elevator or even just doing random exercises throughout the day.
  • Looking at The Time- Most of us will keep looking at the time when exercising. So, just build a playlist that stops when your exercise time is up so you won’t be checking out the time so often.
  • Eating Healthier-Just pick something that you usually eat every day that is unhealthy and replace it with a healthier alternative.


Learn more about Wengie:



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