Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Is Very Successful

Between 2012 and 2015, the premium company Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water reached a growth of at least 4,000 percent.

The young company Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is now a big champion in the bottled water industry. It was founded by the Californian businessman Ryan Emmons back in 2012. And relatively new, the premium water brand achieved a growth of around 4,000 percent in less than four years.

According to Emmons, who was 22 when he founded Waiakea springs, succeeding in the industry is very difficult because of the high amount competition. Emmons is currently one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the beverage game.

However, Emmons was able to successfully stand out from the crowd due to his vision. It all started when Emmons was studying business at the University of California and wanted to break into the premium water scene.

He wanted to establish an environmentally friendly company that was also based on a triple bottom line platform. And as a result, after he founded the company, he became a role model.

For instance, all of the bottles manufactured by Waiakea water are made completely out of polyethylene terephthalate, which is great. Learn more about more Waiakea water: http://www.charmcitybeverage.com/water/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water

According to Forbes, Waiakea Water has been recognized by The CarbonNeutral Company for achieving carbon neutrality. It has also donated over 400 million liters of clean water to undeserved communities of sub-Saharan Africa. One of the reasons why people buy Waiakea water is to help others.

The beverage company donates about 600 liters of high quality water for every litter that it sells to costumers. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has also been able to help Africans more efficiently thanks to a partnership that it has with Pump Aid.

This type of water is rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium, and it also has different levels of acidity.Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water gets its water from the Pahoa aquifer, which is on the Mauna Loa volcano.

Crunchbase said that Waiakea Water can be found in American stores such as Walmart and Whole Foods. This brand is also quite affordable. A full liter of water can cost less than $3 in a lot of American stores.

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Beyond The Darkness Makes A Debut

Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne. He made the announcement that they were launching a new podcast that will explore the paranormal known as Beyond the Darkness according to PRNewswire. PodcastOne is the biggest advertiser-supported podcast network in America. Beyond the darkness will be the newest show to feature on the podcast network by WWE star Chris Jericho. It falls under the umbrella of PodcastOne. The new show is set to feature entertaining and instructive conversations and will comprise of some of the best and popular experiencers and researchers. It is configured to challenge everything that people know about monster encounters, miracles, ghosts, ghouls, aliens, demons, mysteries, and angels.


Norman Pattiz said that Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by Dave Schrader who is both a radio host and an author and Tim Dennis who is a radio producer. New episodes of the show will be released each Monday. They will be available on iTunes, the PodcastOne application, and the PodcastOne.com. The Chairman of PodcastOne stated that Chris had already distinguished himself as PodcastOne Network’s jewel. He added that Chris had evolved the podcast beyond just wrestling since he started the Jericho Network Collection. Norman Stated that Chris was now taking people into the paranormal with this new show. Chris Jericho confirmed that he was excited about the launch of the Beyond the darkness as an addition to the Jericho Network. Chris added that the new hosts of the show are the leaders of the paranormal broadcasting world and that he was convinced that they would bring with them a huge fanbase.


Norman Pattiz is also known as Norm. He serves as the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and is also its founder. Norman is a famous figure in the broadcasting industry and has contributed a lot to America’s broadcasting industry over the years. Norman founded Westwood One Inc. in 1974. Norman is also a former President of the Broadcast Education Association. Norman was added into the National Radio Hall of Fame in November 2009 due to his contributions to the radio industry. He has also been able to receive many civic and professional awards including the Freedom of Speech Award, the Distinguished Education Service Award, and many awards as the Broadcaster of the year. Norman Pattiz serves as a member of the Governing Board at the University of California. Norman has earned a reputation as an expert in the broadcasting industry and attributes his success to passion and hard work.



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Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Develops and Promotes Luxury Homes

It is not enough to just build homes and property. One will maximize his success in the industry if he diversifies the projects that he gets involve din. Among the different projects that Hussain Sajwani gets involved in are building regular homes, luxury homes, commercial properties and plenty of other forms of property that people can enjoy. Among the forms of property that DAMAC is knows for are properties in Golf Communities. For one thing, golf is one of the sports that are enjoyed by some of the more wealthy and prosperous individuals. Hussain makes sure that he puts up the safest and most luxurious golf resorts.


Even thought Hussain has some of the best pieces of property in his portfolio, he gets himself constantly involved in new projects. He keeps busy not just because he wants to increase his business, but also because he is willing to cater to the population of people. His ambition shows that he is willing to do more than just the bare minimum for people. He wants to make sure that they are getting all of the help they need so that they will be able to not only have shelter, but live comfortably.


One of the best ways to succeed is to go above and beyond. People who just stick to the bare minimum are not likely to get anywhere. This is one of the reasons that it is important for workers to go towards what interests them the most. Hussain Sajwani is very interested in building resorts and luxuries because he loves how it feels to know that he is making life better and more enjoyable for people. He also makes sure that there are no problems in the construction of the property. This is one of the reasons that his company gets a lot of deals for resorts.

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Commitment and Employee Motivation Keeps Cotemar at the Top of the Mexican Energy Sector

Cotemar is a Mexican company that specializes in providing services to the oil industry. The firm’s core services include renovation, maintenance, construction and modernization of offshore rigs, provide support to maritime operations and provide accommodation and catering services for offshore oilfield development.


History of Cotemar


The firm was founded in 1979to service the oil sector. With proper management and an excellent team of employees, the company has grown to become the leading service provider in the oil and gas industry. In 1979, the firm started with the aim of providing services to two departments; accommodation and catering and specialized vessels in the Campeche Bay. In the same year, the company acquired the first vessels specialized in dive, maintenance, and personnel transport.


Moving into the 1980s, the company added more fleet to strengthen its position in the industry. In 1985 Cotemar acquired its first rig for providing catering and accommodation services. 1988 was significant for the firm as it acquired more specialized personnel transport vessels and added another segment in their service charter, construction, and maintenance. By 1996, the conglomerate had increased its market with five rigs and three specialized vessels.


In the 21st century, the firm constructed two semi-submersible rigs with maintenance vessels to transport solid and liquid materials and specialized cranes were added to their fleet. By 2013, the Cotemar began construction on Atlantis. In 2015, the firm ventured the onshore upstream sector following the arrival of the Cosco built semi-submersible rigs. In 2016, an affiliate company of Cotemar wins a contract from the state of Veracruz, Mexico.


Cotemar’s Core Values


For a company to achieve its organizational goals, it has to live by its institutional values. Cotemar is no different. The firm has established four core values that form the basis of all activities. These values include integrity, innovation, humility, and reliability. These values ensure that the firm act in a consistent, honest, and ethically to offer reliable services to their clients. Humility helps the company to learn and improve while innovation helps the organization to generate a variety of sustainable objectives.


Working for Cotemar


Working for Cotemar can be one of the fascinating experiences. The firm highly values their employees, and they strive to ensure that they strengthen their skills with the aim of enhancing daily performance and safety. Cotemar has also partnered with various top ranked international organizations to offer training and development training to their employees. Potential employees are also supported at Cotemar through internships. https://www.linkedin.com/company/cotemar

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Jose Borghi’s Contribution in the Advertisement Industry

Jose Borghi is an established advertiser based in Brazil. He is the founder of the Mullen Lowe Agency, formerly known as Borghi Lowe. When Borghi was in high school, his sister used to take him to the Castro Neves Theater to watch award-winning commercials. The innovative adverts inspired him to pursue a career in advertising. After high school, he went on to study advertising and propaganda at PUC-Campinas. His advertising career started in 1989 when he was contracted by an agency named Standart Ogilvy. Before founding Mullen Lowe, Jose had worked for several advertising agencies, including FCB, DDB and Talent, and Leo Burnett. He has created many memorable campaigns, including Mammals of Parmalat and Sazon. In Sazon campaign, Jose Borghi used Zeze di Carmago Luciano’s hit song, “it is Love.”

In his entire career, Borghi has handled great advertisements projects for prominent organizations. He was in charge Carlinhos, a campaign he did for the Down Syndrome Association. Other organizations that have benefited from his ads creation expertise include Honda, Delta Airlines, Fiat, Electrolux, Bunge group, Asia Motors, BankBoston, American Express, Unilever, and Antarctica.


Borghi’s contribution in the advertisement industry never goes unnoticed. He has won many awards from different organizations, such as the Cannes Lions Awards, London Festival Awards, Clios Awards, New York Festival Awards, and The One Show Awards. In 2009, Borghi was elected as the Advertiser of the Year by the Columnists Sao Paulo.

About Mullen Lowe

Mullen Lowe was established as an ad agency under the name of BorghiErh, named after its founders of Jose Borghi and Erh Ray. According to Ray, they started the company with almost nothing since they did not have support from investors. The two worked tirelessly to grow the company and their efforts paid off. In December 2006, Jose bought the stake owned by Ray to own the agency fully. Upon purchasing the company, Borghi renamed it, Borghi Lowe. Recently, Borghi Lowe merged with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen Group to form a new outfit known as Mullen Lowe Brazil. Jose Borghi and Andre Gomes are Mullen Lowe’s co-CEOs, and they have jointly led the agency to gain recognition domestically and internationally.

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Looking At Jason Hope’s Passion For Technology And Philanthropy In Arizona

Jason Hope is an all rounded individual with vast experience in entrepreneurship, undying passion for technology as well as a golden heart for his philanthropic acts. He is an exemplary investor with a resilient optimism about the future.

Mr. Hope is a citizen of the state of Arizona. He was born and bred in Tempe. Jason pursued his education in this city. He has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona state university. Besides, he has a master’s degree in business from Carey School of Business.

Several people and organizations have benefited from his commitment to supporting community-based projects in Arizona. SENS is one of the foundations supported by Jason. This foundation conducts extensive research to understand ways to live longer, quality lives. It is devoted to developing drugs that can be used to prevent premature aging.

Besides, Jason supports studies by SENS Foundation on various diseases that make the body to age faster. Some of the ailments causing more rapid aging to people include Alzheimer, lung and cardiovascular diseases. Hope is devoted to supporting this research since it not only finds the cure for these illnesses but a permanent solution thus preventing people from aging faster than they should.

There are multiple organizations seeking support from donors. Therefore, Jason extends his generosity to organizations that are highly passionate about innovation driven scientific research. The amount of money given to such foundations depends on the magnitude of the difference they intend to bring to the society whether local or international.

Besides, he funds organizations that show commitment and contribution towards their projects. The contribution can be monetary or their resources. Jason and his team also carry out extensive background check about the organization before giving their donations. They get credible information about the foundation directly from their society. Some of the foundations supported by Jason include Tony Hawk, Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans, and T-Gen among others.

Jason shows his passion for technology through his support for the use of innovations in the hospitality industry. He believes that internet of things will help hotel managers to offer quality and modern restaurant services to their guests.

Reference: http://tech.co/author/jasonhope

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Making Sure Business Is Handled Ethically

One thing that is very important when it comes to business is ethics. Part of being ethical is keeping up with one end of the bargain. AIG Insurance and AHBE had an agreement that was to be honored. However, when the group has sold the team, they have found out that the insurance company did not honor their end of the agreement. The policy was supposed to cover issues like wrongful terminations and any decisions that could cost money. Since they didn’t honor that, the old ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks has filed a lawsuit against the insurance company.

One of the members of the group was Bruce Levenson. He is the one that handled the transactions when it came to selling the team. He has worked on making a deal with the selling party in order to come to an agreement that is good for all parties He is the one that tried to come up with a price that is profitable. Since the team has performed well under his ownership, he was able to sell it for close 10 $1 billion, see http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/. However, it feel short of that even though him and many others have figured that the team would easily sell for expected price of $1 billion.

As of right now, the insurance group is looking to pay a lot of fees for their breach of the contract. Among the fees that they have to pay are lawyer fees, courtroom fees and others. This goes to show that it is very important to keep all ends of the agreement. One group that doesn’t keep its end of the agreement is likely to face a lot of charges and wind up paying more for the breach in contract than they would’ve if they kept their end of the contract.
Information on this article can be found on brucelevenson.com and wikipedia.org.


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Sujit Choudhry Moving Into The Future


Comparative law is what happens when people look at the facts and use the democratic way of solving problems. This happens a lot in areas that deal ethnic problems that affect the world today. Since there are a variety of problems that can occur, the comparative law can step in and enhance a peaceful way of dealing with issues.


Sujit Choudhry is the former Dean of Berkeley Law and the Michael Heyman Professor of Law. His background is impressive with many degrees and awards adding to his experience and tenure. He is an exceptional professional when dealing with comparative law, and he believes in it completely. He wants to see issues resolved in a democratic way rather than with fights and arguments impeding disasters.  Based on tumbler.com.


Showing great patience and excellence at anything that needs attention, Sujit Choudhry proves to be a great leader and an excellent role model for others to follow. When they need to find someone to look up to, they don’t have to look much further than Sujit Choudhry. With all the profound accomplishments and knowledge, this is someone that will enhance other peoples experiences while they strive towards learning more about diplomacy.

See related articles on this link.


Leading the way towards comparative law and constitution building, Sujit Choudhry has developed quite a following. These people are seeking a leader that can give them the ability to do better in their lives and handle problems better. This is because they haven’t had a leader for a long time that can do what Sujit Choudhry can do. It is always notable when someone studies underneath the master because they are then able to deal with issues more clearly.


In the future, comparative law will come into play much more often so that there are peaceful resolutions to problems. With Sujit Choudhry being a part of all of this, it will prove to be much better all people in the long run.

Check this http://officialsujitchoudhry.com/home/


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Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances

Avi Weisfogel is a graduate of the Dentistry College of New York University. While he was in college, his passion was to become one of the best doctors in the dentistry department. Or this reason, he worked extremely hard to graduate with the highest honors in this field. For this reason, he has developed high-end capabilities to maintain better business in a manner that is unprecedented in this industry. If you want to attain beer business management, ensure you follow the footsteps of Avi Weisfogel. He is also one of the best entities in this capability to attain management skills in the arena.

For over two decades of experience, Avi Weisfogel has worked to attain his education in a way that is not precedented in the industry. For this reason, you will get better management through capabilities that have not been determined in this industry. As a matter of fact, no one has better management skills in this industry than Avi Weisfogel. He has worked to develop numerous therapies that can be used to treat the sleep apnea patients. Since there is a known cure for the disease, treatments are paramount to assure the preservation of life since. Because the disease is now a killer illness, it is classified under major killer diseases in the United States.

Avi Weisfogel ha placed his main focus in the intersection of dentistry and sleep apnea medical condition since the illness is associated with dentistry, its care must also emanate from this field. For this reason, people can work to attain better business management in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. Avi Weisfogel is also working to create his lasting name in this industry. For this reason, he developed the Dental Sleep Masers Company based in New Jersey. For the company, its main duty is to extend an arm of teaching to other medical practitioners in this industry. It seeks to teach them on how to use these therapies to treat the sleep apnea medical conditions. The Dental Sleep Masters Company was founded in 2014 to become a leading research Centre for the sleep apnea medical condition in the United States.

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Equities First Limited may be the right choice, for you.

Many in London who are seeking to invest with a private limited organization, choose to do business with Equities First Limited. The company is renown for specializing in the stipulation of fiscal resolutions by means of loans to their clientele. Equities first Limited, is able to accomplish this feet, by funding their clientele’s investment options, making use of stock as a form of security. This is in contrast to how the majority of banks chose to handle granting loans to their clients. The clientele of Equities First Limited are themselves, individual investors as well as businesses that are deeply interested in funding their own private finances or business financing.

For up to a period of three years, Equities First Limited will make use of equities in place of securities. Should the client believe that their stock investment might rise that are provided with the option of signing a contract with Equities first Limited. This contract would permit the client to make use of shares for securities to obtain a loan. This prevents the client from feeling obligated to sell or otherwise lose ownership. In the event that the client’s shares rise, then they are afforded a significantly reduced rate of interest on their future application.

When a client has secured their loan, they are able to make use of that money as they please. The client may even expand investments, take a holiday excursion, or even chose to pay off any existing debts. There are no limits placed on how the money is to be used. Equities first Limited, does not in any way enforce how the money is to be used by the client. The money is provided to clients, so long as they meet the standards of loan qualification.

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