Advantages of Making Use of Securus

A lot of people begin to struggle with the fact that it is difficult to keep in touch with their loved ones when they are put in prison. The prison system does not necessarily make it easy for you to contact your loved one because their main concern is safety and security. This is why there was a company like Securus that has recently launched a multi-state campaign to raise the simple awareness that video visitation is possible and that you can actually get this done from your own home without even needing to leave your front door.


By being able to make use of Securus systems, you will find this to be one of the best benefits in your own life and the fact that it also gives you a deeper connection with your loved one that you have lacked for quite some time. I have been using Securus with myself and can definitely tell people that it is a company that can easily be trusted and is something that can also transform your life and give you greater control over the communication that you have with your loved ones.


From my own experience using this amazing company, I can tell a lot of people just how beneficial this is for them and their loved ones and it is why I continually use it myself as well. Securus has definitely made strides when it comes to the prison communication system and it is why they are one of the top communication systems in the entire world. I feel this is a benefit for a lot of prison families all across the country and can be exactly what you need if you are looking to transform your life and have greater control over the communication that you have with your loved one who just so happens to be behind bars.


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Securus Video Visitation


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Don Ressler Knows How To Raise Funds

Fundraising an important part of any business. Those who know how to raise funds are those who can help get any company off the ground. This is certainly true of one businessman. Don Ressler is someone who has a long background in the field. He knows how to make sure that any company he helps to run is a company that will always have the funding that company officials need to expand into new markets and develop all kinds of important new ideas. This is why so many companies have turned to him for help. As someone who has been heavily involved in companies in the past such as Intermix and Intelligent Beauty, he knows how to make sure that any funds are used effectively and fully.

Creating A Company

Intelligent Beauty is a company that Ressler helped to fund. This company aims to incubate various kinds of other companies with a focus on the field of personal care. This is why they operate businesses that include areas such as personal care where he knows he can make a difference and the fields of specialized fashion spaces of all kinds. At this company, he and all those work for it know that there is an ideal way to help launch and grow all kinds of new businesses in the marketplace. He knows that he can work to help use technology that can allow any visionary to launch a new business venture.

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Working With New Companies

One of his new ventures has been that of JustFab. Don Ressler has been instrumental in attracting venture capital for this idea. He knows that the company can offer women clothing that they will love. To that end, he has helped raise a great deal of funds for it. For example, in August 2014, thanks to Ressler’s help, JustFab was able to raise an additional round of funding to help with new expansion. The funds raised were about $85 million in total. Thanks to his leadership, he was able to work with companies that were able to participate including that of the Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Many other companies participated in this particular round of funding included companies that already chose to invest in the company during previous fundraising efforts such as Shining Capital and Matrix Partners. Also participating in that round of funding was Technology Crossover Ventures, a particular favorite of Ressler and his partners.

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Evolution Of Smooth Offers Healthy And Fun Lip Balms

A good lip balm is pretty much a necessity when it comes to dry and chapped lips, if not, one risks the chance of their lips cracking or peeling. This is where Evolution of Smooth stands out, with there widely popular lip balms, along with assortment of other personal care products. They have a large variety of different flavors and scents for their customers to choose from, along with a variety of different types of smooth sphere applicators, such as active protection and shimmer. All of their lips balms are effective at managing dry and chapped lips.

The main aspect of a lip balm is that it provides moisture that the lips are currently lacking, regardless of the reason, be it changing or cold weather. In any case, a lip balm is most effective, though many people try to just drink water or lick their lips, which can actually cause the lips to get worse. EOS lip balms are filled with antioxidants and healthy ingredients that go a long way in clearing up unhealthy lips.

There are many out there that like to know about a product or know it has a good reputation before they use it, and this is not a problem with Evolution of Smooth, as their lip balms are widely popular today. They have been featured on TV, advertised by celebrities, and are sold at major retailers including ulta all around the world.

Evolution of Smooth ( is a convenient and practical tool for managing ones lip health as well as aesthetics. With the many flavors offered by EOS, such as Passion fruit, Vanilla Bean, Blueberry Acai, Sweet Mint, and many more, nearly anyone can find something that meets there tastes, and they all come at an affordable price, being only a couple bucks each, one could get all the flavors if they wanted. To learn more  how EOS started, visit


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OSI Group Leaps into the Top 100 Food/Beverage Companies in a Grand Style

The year 2016 is gradually coming to close and now is the right time to review the performance of food and beverage companies with a view to fixing them where they belong in the hierarchy of companies with outstanding performance. The assessment done goes beyond national boundaries; it is a global appraisal.

Among the few companies that make the top 100 list for the year is OSI Group. It occupies the 66 position. OSI is an Aurora-based processing food company. It makes a wide range of meat products such as bacon and breakfast sausage including products for retail brand and other food services. It has to its credit well over 60 facilities in 16 countries.

The emergence of OSI among elite food and beverage companies is no accident; at least three concrete factors among many others aided its rise. First is its Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin. This is followed by its acquisition of former Tyson Foods plant, and also its purchase of a controlling stake in Baho Food. We shall be looking at these factors in greater details.

Without mincing words, OSI would not have attained its present height without the unrelenting effort of Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin. He took the company from the status of a domestic food firm to the enviable class of a multi-billion global food processor with 60 locations spread across 16 countries. His astute business competence was appreciated with a Global Visionary Award issued by India’s Vision World Academy.

Learn More:,+Chairman+And+CEO+Of+OSI+Group,+LLC/1529744/0/article.html

Could this recognition be the reason for the accelerated and rapid growth taking place in OSI in recent times? Or how else could one explains OSI’s acquisition of a storage warehouse and food processing facility in Chicago shortly after the award presentation? Whatever the answer, whether a yes or a no, the good thing is that the company is better for it. OSI North America senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott, seems to answer these questions this way: “This facility enhances our capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.”

The company appetite for expanding its processing strengths seems insatiable. No sooner had they concluded that acquisition of the Chicago facility did it went on air that Baho Food is now among their ever increasing list of assets. This is a big catch considering the fact that Baho Food already has almost 60 years experience in the business of selling a wide range of delicious meats, snacks and convenience foods to customers across a total of 18 European countries.

What more can be said? No doubt, OSI is following the path way of most of the top 100 players in the food and beverage industry that now put customers first and promptly address the challenges that come as a result. The company has thus shown that it is ready to keep paying the price for an enviable place among the elite companies in the industry for many years to come.

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Thor Halvorssen is Dedicated to Elimating Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen is the type of person to be working late at night, working to eliminate worldwide government corruption. Thor was born in Caracas, Venezuela to Norwegian and Venezuelan parents. Most of his primary school was in Venezuela and he went to University of Pennsylvania to obtain his undergrad and postgraduate degrees in Political Science and history.  Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

He is fluent in multiple languages including American English, in which he speaks flawlessly without any accent. His family roots are very affluent as well. His grandfather was a Norwegian ambassador that worked in the consulate of Caracas. His mother has genetic roots with the South American revolutionaries Cristóbal Mendoza and Simón Bolívar. She was an active protester of the Hugo Chavez regime and was murdered by police during a rally. His father worked for the Venezuelan government for years until he was imprisoned and tortured for trying to expose government corruption.

Thor launched the HRF (Human Rights Foundation) in the year 2005. His organization protested the imprisonment of Pussy Riot in 2012. The chairman of HRF at the time, Garry Kasparov, was imprisoned during their involvement in the protests. He was captured by the mediea being battered by police and carried away.

In 2010, Thor and his cameraman traveled to Vietnam to interview the head of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. The purpose of the interview was to expose the oppression of the religious in Vietnam. The authorities arrested them but they still managed to smuggle the memory card out.

Thor and the HRF are very critical of many corrupt South American regimes. He is often criticized of being a Right Ringer since most South American governments are Left Wing. Thor himself claims to be a Classic Liberal, which is more comparable to a Libertarian if anything. Thor does not care about the political affiliation of his enemies nor his employees. He only cares about combating and exposing corruption. Thor’s regular staff members are a mere 12 employees of diverse backgrounds.

The HRF hosts the annual Oslo Freedom Forum. The forum has attracted many popular supporters like Peter Thiel and Sergey Brin. The forum is popularly nicknamed “The Gathering of Heroes”.

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An Intro to Investment Banking

In the field of finance, one of the most well known parts of it is investment banking. This is the part of finance that deals with increasing capital and stock value. Investment banking provides a few ways of assisting companies. They often provide mergers and acquisitions that help combine the resource of multiple companies. There is also research which entails gathering information about the economy, stock values and industries. Trading consists of buying and selling capital in order to make more money for the companies. With a combination of these services, investment banking firms are able to help a number of large companies experience more prosperity.

Investment banking has a number of people who provide expertise and assistance to clients that is very valuable. In corporate finance, there are analysts who go over stock values, make forecasts and then put together pitchbooks for presentation. Associates supervise analysts and help make presentations during meetings. There are also the vice presidents who meet with clients in person to make presentations for potential deals. Managing directors are the individuals who manage the entire firm. In other departments there are traders who buy and sell securities and research specialists who spend time gathering information about economic trends.

Martin Lustgarten is a finance professional who currently manages a small boutique firm in Florida. Unlike the larger investment banking firms, Martin helps small companies and individuals better manage their finances. He helps small companies get the capital they need in order reach their goals such as expansion. Along with providing referrals sources of funding, Martin helps these companies by providing advice on how to best manage their finances and allocate them properly.

While Martin often helps small companies, he assists a number of individuals as well. Lustgarten often provides finance and investment advice to people on a regular basis. He often gives them guidance on what to invest in and how to best save for their retirement. Martin spends a lot of his time researching securities to find the ones that will most benefit his clients. With a combination of his knowledge and work ethic, Martin has been able to help clients get the most out of their financial management.

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AIG Under Lawsuit By Ex-NBA Team Ownership Group

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, is leading a lawsuit against AIG. The lawsuit was filed on September 13, 2015. It alleges that the insurance company, AIG, did not pay the Hawks ownership group for losses that it suffered from the departure of team manager Danny Ferry. His employment was suddenly terminated while he had a multi million and multi year contract with the group.

The lawsuit is being filed at Fulton County Supreme Court. The plaintiff is the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, led by majority stake holder Bruce Levenson. AIG who was the insurance provider of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment is named the defendant in the lawsuit. Barnes & Thornburg LLP is the law firm handling the case on behalf of the former Hawks owner group.

According to public documents, the ownership consortium group alleges that AIG had failed to provide compensation for employee termination that it believed was covered under the policy the group had with AIG. Levenson and other members of the group believe that compensation should be provided because Ferry’s termination falls under wrongful termination.

So far, AIG has not acknowledged receiving a claim filed by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. The claim was filed on April 2nd and sent to AIG. The lawsuit states that AIG has not paid any compensation so far and refuses to take responsibility for claims that fall within its own coverage policy.

The leader of the former Hawks ownership consortium is entrepreneur Bruce Levenson. Mr. Levenson created the information analysis company called United Communications Group with co-founder and friend Ed Peskowitz. UCG provides real time data, projections and data analysis to key sectors of the economy such as healthcare, energy and banking. Mr. Levenson is also a philanthropist that supports Jewish charities. Bruce helped fund the National Holocaust Memorial Museum and supports Jewish organizations such as Birthrate Israel among others.

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Eric Pulier Was Still Young When He Started The Ball Rolling For Success

When Eric Pulier was still young and in his elementary schooling days, he began showing his interest and capabilities in technology. He was already learning to program and build computers before the age of 10. Eric Pulier talent was supported by his ambition, and he even went on to start up his own computer database company while he was still working through high school.

After completing his basic education, Eric Pulier went on to attend the prestigious Harvard University, where he earned degrees in both English and Literature. Eric aimed to succeed, and always put his best foot forward in order to exceed expectations. Even after attending Harvard, Eric wanted to take his education further, so he went on to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well. After completing his studies, Eric moved on to start his life and career in California. While in Los Angeles, Eric started up the company, People Doing Things, which used technology as a basis for finding solutions in things such as education and healthcare.

Once Eric was satisfied with the success of his first company, he decided he wanted to pursue new endeavors, which lead him to starting up another company, known as Digital Evolution. Focused in the technological area as well, Digital Evolution became quite successful, and eventually merged with US Interactive.

When it comes to being a humanitarian, Eric does above average compared to most, as he has made numerous donations to charities and non profit organizations with the success he has gained from his business pursuits. Not only is he a member of the Clinton Global Initiatives, but he works with organizations such as The Painted Turtle and Starbright Foundation, which are dedicated to helping children with chronic health issues.

With Eric Pulier’s expertise and knowledge in various fields, especially technology, he has earned himself chairman positions on a variety of different company boards today, where he acts as an adviser. Today, he used a lot of his spare time to speak and write on subjects he has become an expert in.

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Equities First Holdings Observes a New Lending Trend Amid Investors Seeking Collateral Loans

Since banking and financial institutions implemented stronger lending qualification rules for collateralized loans. Equities First Holdings observes a new trend among investors. Collateral lending requires borrowers to put up assets, such as homes, land, or automobiles with equal or more value of the loan request. Investors who are low on capital to run their businesses are now using their stocks as collateral. Equities Holding has seen an increase in margin and stock-based loans which borrowers are using as alternatives to gain access to immediate working capital. The loan types are optional for businesses and investors who are denied loans based on credit status.

Margin loan is a type of loan that borrowers are required to pre-qualify, as with a conventional bank loan. The interest rates are variable and expectations of the value of the loan ratios is estimated between 10 percent and 50 percent. Investors and businesses use their securities as collateral. Lenders may have the right to liquidate the collateral if a margin is called without giving notice to the borrowers. Some lending institutions may place restrictions on how the money received from the loan is used.

A stock-based loan has a higher loan to value ratio compared to a margin loan. The interest rate is locked end regardless of unfavorable economic conditions. The loan type is favorable because the borrower can abandon the loan at any time, especially if the value of stock depreciates. Borrowers are under no obligations to repay the initial amount of money received from loans. Interest rate for stock-based loans are normally fixed between three and four percent with loan to value ratios at 50 percent up to 75 percent.

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a leading securities lending services provider of margin and stock-based loans to investors, companies and corporations. Al Christy Jr. founded the limited liability company in 2002 and serves as president.

Equities First is headquartered in Indianapolis and runs a satellite office in New York City. Equities First has expanded its offices to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Perth, London, and Singapore. Its global growth is spectacular considering Equities First is a startup company with only four years in operation.

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Working with Eric Pulier is a Great Pleasure

I’ve spent many years of my life working hard in the technology field. During this time, I’ve seen it constantly grow and change. I’ve learned that it is best to stay close to those who can provide the kind of leadership necessary for the institution to expand to meet the needs of people in the United States and all over the world. This is why I been so happy to work with Eric Pulier. Pulier is a dedicated professional who knows a great deal about all aspects of the technological field. He also knows exactly how to make sure that people are able to make effective use of this industry in order to do things they need to get done each day.

Close Together

My work with him began early in our career when I realized that he was someone I could rely on to help me figure out how best to use the technological innovations in front of us. We started together with a company that he called People Doing Things. The company was one that we knew that we could get off the ground and reach out to people and clients to help them get access to the kind of services we knew could benefit them in life. Working with him in this project was great fun as well as a highly informative experience.

Since Then

Since that time, I’ve been able to work with Eric Pulier on several additional projects of all kinds. I’ve found that it is easy to work with him as he brings a real understanding of the needs of all people with him. He is devoted to helping people learn how to integrate technological innovations into their own lives. I saw this in person firsthand in so many ways when I watched as he was tapped to help create the Presidential Technology Exhibit in our capital in 1997. So many people in the audience came with me and saw as he showed us a world of technology that has been at our feet. We all came away with a feeling of great awe.

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